Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome the Blueshirts


Here are two truly (and equally) frightening videos, both showing children being indoctrinated to be unthinking Obama drones. From now on I'm going to call all these people "Blueshirts," because that's what they always seem to be wearing.

First, the touchy-feely one:

Shout Out: Little Green Footballs

Next, the militant one:

Shout Out: MagsRags

The Blueshirts in the second video were brainwashed at a Kansas City area government (i.e. "public") school. The teacher responsible has since been suspended, according to Kansas City's Fox affiliate, after he posted the video online. I have to wonder: would he have been suspended if he hadn't posted the video?

All of this looks awfully familiar:

Finally, it's been said by others, but bears repeating: What kind of deafening outcry would there be if this sort of thing was done on behalf of McCain?

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