Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Socialism in Miniature

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Pay careful attention to the words of Mrs. Holt, the mother in Girl, 13, Who Smokes Drinks and Has Sex Rewarded by Mother with Cigarettes at The Telegraph. She could be any socialist in the U.S. or Europe speaking about how to provide for the people. Like Michael Moore, who said to John Stossel when he questioned Moore's documentary advocating socialized medicine for the U.S., Sicko, I gotta believe that, even though I know you're very much for the individual determining his own destiny, you also have a heart. Or Barack Obama, who, as everyone knows by now, wants to spread the wealth around to help out everybody behind Joe the Plumber.

Reading that article, I couldn't help but think of this, from a comment by Judy Aron on a post at her Consent of the Governed:

I left my parent's home when I got married—I don't need the government to be my mommy and give me an allowance and tell me what to do.

Silly rabbit. Socialism is for kids, not for independent adults.

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