Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evil Profit

Reality, Reason, Rational Self-Interest

Funny how no one is screaming about oil company profits now that the price of gasoline has tumbled. Remember how vile everyone thought those companies were when the price was going up? How their profits were called obscene? How the idiotic politician–thug Maxine Waters wanted to nationalize them because they were so evil?

When was the last time you heard anyone refer to profit, no matter how much or little, as anything but evil?

Next time someone talks about how evil it is that corporations earn profits, i.e. earn anything more than the cost of keeping them doing what they do, the cost of creating the goods and services they sell, ask if he earns more than what it costs to keep him doing what he does, the cost of remaining alive. Note that the only thing a human being truly needs to remain alive is a little food. Then point out that everything he has beyond his food requirement—house, car, refrigerator, TV, computer, cell phone, books, DVDs, underwear, toothpaste, aspirin, cooked food, even any food he doesn't need immediately—was paid for by his profit.

Ask what justifies his being paid so much more than his bare survival requires. If he tries to claim that he only has a problem with too much profit, ask how he decides what's too much. Then, because it will be true no matter what he says, point out that by his own standards his profit is too much compared to someone remaining alive on 27 cents a day in Burundi.1

Ask if he's willing to live without his own profits. Then ask why not, and how he can stand being so evil. You might have a chance at that point to teach him that profits are good.

1Global World Income Per Capita. Finfacts Ireland. Published 2008.02. Accessed 2008.10.23.

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