Sunday, September 28, 2008

Election 2008

Rational Self-Interest

My sole criterion for deciding how to vote is this: Which candidate will improve my life the most by getting government further out of the way of living like a human being? On that score, if the extent to which I expect candidates to improve my life is represented on a number line, both John McCain and Barack Obama score negative numbers. Neither will actually improve my life, both will make it worse. They are both statists, they both advocate increased government control over me. In different ways to be sure - McCain says he wants to sacrifice me to country, and Obama says he wants to sacrifice me to others. What they both mean is that they are going to use the power of government, which in the end is nothing more than pointing a gun at my head, to exert more and ever more control over me.

So the best I can hope for is an answer to the question: Which will do the least advancing in the negative direction? That is, which will make my life less worse? In the long run, both their methods (it would be too charitable to call them philosophies) will turn the United States into a socialist nightmare. However, I'll be dead in the long run, so odds are I won't live to see that happen (though those odds seem to get shorter every day). So which will increase statism the slowest while I'm still alive and need to be free so I can live as a human being?


Everything about Obama except what he says in public as a presidential candidate screams that if he could he would seize dictatorial power on inauguration day. I am convinced that in his heart he actually believes that he's The Chosen One. Obama will do the wrong thing, the statist thing, every single time.

McCain doesn't want to be a dictator and doesn't believe he's a messiah. He actually thinks he stands on the side of freedom. That means that the slide ending in the complete loss of liberty will take longer with McCain, even though he will only occasionally do the right thing, the individualistic thing, and then only by accident.

So, if I were going to put a campaign banner in my front yard, it would read:

McCain Sucks.
Obama's Worse.

Vote McCain.

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Ryan Alger said...

Hey Piz, great new blog.

One disadvantage of electing McCain, is that when his statist policies fail, they will be seen as the failure of “free-markets” (in a parallel, people blame the current financial failures on un-regulation and free-markets.)

Still, if you care more about doing the least damage to your country, McCain might be the slightly better candidate.

(Though I watched the first debate, and it seems the candidates don’t differ on much; they spent most of their time repeating each other using different words.)

Stussy88 said...

That maybe a better slogan than the McCain campaign managed