Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Dog Ate It! Culprit Behind 0bamacare Web Fiasco Found

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The missing 0bamaware punch card

The White House announced today that the missing IBM punch card responsible for the 0bamacare web site glitches has been found.

It was under Bo's water dish, a senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Let me be clear, we think he took it a day or two before the launch [of].

The official said that it will be some time before the crucial card, which he described as slightly chewed and showing signs of being slobbered on, will be replaced in the stack that stores the program implementing the President's signature achievement.

We just have to determine exactly where it goes in the 500 million other cards of ... program stuff, the official continued. But once we do, the web site that provides simple and affordable health care choices for all Americans will be running smoothly once and for all. After our new IBM 3090 mainframe has compiled the program and saved it to a ‘bank of hard disks,’ as I'm told the storing thingy is called.

According to sources, dot-matrix printers and punch machines are also being readied to make hardcopy and paper tape backups of the system to prevent another such mishap.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Play Days


Here is a delightful sculpture introduced to me by my e-friend, Lu Norton (photo by her):

P.S. I thought about explaining my absence over approximately the past 2½ years, but, frankly, the story is too long and boring.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Victory in Iraq Day

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Victory in Iraq Day banner

Today, The Four Rs joins Zombie and many other bloggers to declare and to celebrate the achievement of our troops in the Iraq war:

It's VI Day!

After disposing of Saddam Hussein's supposedly strong army in about a month, the men and women of the U.S. military pitted themselves against entrenched warlords and waves of terrorists (commonly, and incorrectly, called insurgents in the news). Despite rules of engagement that seemed deliberately designed to sacrifice them to the scum they fought, a majority of the media openly hostile to them, politicians and peaceniks at home doing their best to denigrate and declaw them, and top–level leadership clueless about the purpose of and justification for war, our troops performed magnificently. It took far longer and cost far more lives than it would have without those unnecessary and often outright treasonous obstacles, but Iraq was subdued and is now no more violent a country than many considered to be at peace.

That's victory, whether or not the enemy or even our own government and fellow Americans will admit it.

Whatever follows in a country that is in many ways poised to fall into religious dictatorship, the U.S. and coalition forces have accomplished their military goal. To our troops, congratulations on a job well done, and never forget that there are those of us who support you and who are grateful that you fight for your freedom, and therefore ours.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victory in Iraq

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Victory in Iraq Day banner

By every measurable standard, the war in Iraq is over. We won.

Because this fact will never be admitted by either the outgoing Bush administration, the incoming Obama administration, or the mainstream media, well–known blogger and Little Green Footballs contributor Zombie has taken it upon himself to declare victory. He has designated 2008.11.22 as Victory in Iraq Day, or VI–Day. His declaration and explanation is available at his web page, Victory in Iraq Day, November 22, 2008.

On November 22, The Four Rs will join many other blogs in celebrating and congratulating our troops for prevailing over enemies both foreign and domestic, and overcoming often incompetent leadership and crippling restrictions, to achieve this victory.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transition Time

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Immediate post-election reporting is usually poor, in my opinion, because it is immediate. In the rush to say something, much of what is published lacks reflection and depth. Fortunately, it seems that we’re getting past that now.

In Great Britain, The Telegraph offers an example of more coolheaded commentary with Barack Obama Is Only Human, You Know, by Simon Heffer. Heffer traveled to the U.S. to observe the election and its aftermath, and files a fairly level-headed report. It suffers from the mixed premises shared by all media these days, but not so much from the dominant, blatantly left-wing bias of the great majority.

Here are some excerpts. On perspective:

[Y]ou can imagine the state of additional ecstasy—above and beyond that caused by St. Barack’s election—of Americans at TV pictures of rejoicing people all around the globe when the glad news was confirmed.

One was almost grateful for the cold bath of malice from the sinister President Medvedev of Russia, his strings pulled by the tyrant Putin, arguing improbably that America had caused the war between his country and Georgia and, somewhat more probably, that the U.S. had been the cause of the recent world financial meltdown and the coming recession.

You can always rely on the Russians to rain on any available parade: and perhaps in this instance it was no bad thing.

There are some nasty people on the planet—Mr Medvedev is but one of them—St. Barack will find that the minute he squares up to them (if he squares up to them) a lot of other nasty people will come out of the woodwork to oppose him.

At that stage, a world apparently united in its love of the charismatic new leader, full of hope, change and hope for change, becomes one once more factionalised by the power of America.

On hype:

It is one thing to run a fabulous campaign, to buy an election victory by massively outspending your rivals, and to have an Oscar–winning style of speaking.

But in the end, reality is what counts: and there may be a little too much of that around for the Obama magic to deal with.

Calm down, dears. He’s only a human being.

On what’s left of the opposition:

I hope the Republicans don’t fall into the trap the Tories plunged into in 1997, of thinking they lost because they were nasty or Right-wing.

They lost because their party was utterly incompetent, and the Democrats had piles of money.

America remains conservative. The Republicans, who have to be in shape to win back Congress at the 2010 mid–terms, will get nowhere by trying to out-Obama Obama.

And my favorite, on Obamania:

I was struck by the numbers—from Oprah downwards—crying on Tuesday night. Having always thought the Obama experiment would end in tears, I felt this premature: give him a chance.

Heffer closes by wondering what will become of British comedy now that Bush will be out of office. I’ve always been a fan of British comedy, or was back in the glory days of Monty Python, so it might be worth keeping an eye on that development.